Boost Your Learning Experience

See the spelling to look up words. Review what you’ve heard. Dive deeper into each episode.

I recommend listening to the episode first and then listening a second time with the transcript. With this package, you'll gain access to:

  • Transcripts and Mp3s for episodes 001 - 150. At the check out, you can access Season 4 at a discount.
  • 1,500+ PDF pages and Mp3s that correspond to the audio (upon completion).

This content took over three years to create. If you study one a week, it’ll take you also almost three years to complete!

What's Included

Transcripts + Mp3s (Episodes 001 - 050)

In Season 1, around 30 expression episodes were taught and that means over 30 fun / interesting facts about the United States. During Season 1, you also heard about some of our trips including our trip to Donner Lake, The Avenue of the Giants and more.

Transcripts and Mp3s (Episodes 051 - 100)

In Season 2, you'll find many interesting interviews about college, sports, cooking and more, as well as 10+ expression episodes, fun facts about the United States and over 10, 5-Minute English episodes which heavily focus on vocabulary in different topics.

Transcripts and Mp3s (Episodes 101 - 150)

In Season 3, you'll learn about different U.S. states from locals in the Discover Episodes. You'll enjoy many more fun fact episodes about culture and history and hear many 5-Minute English episodes, designed to boost your vocabulary in various topics.

Dive deeper into the episodes by engaging with the content.

Step 1: Listen Actively

Just like usual, you can listen to the episode. However, in addition to the Mp3 - which gives you permanent access to the audio files - you can actively listen and check on words you do not understand.

I recommend listening first without the transcript.

Step 2: Check Vocab

When you can't understand a word from context or from pronunciation, check the transcript. In addition to being key in clarifying misunderstandings, it can serve as a resource for comparing written and spoken English. I recommend writing original sentences with new vocabulary.

Step 3: Listen Again

Before listening a second time, be sure to review the transcript and / or use the podcast player in Season 2 to review new words, phrases you didn't know the first time around. Then listen again. I recommend shadowing (repeating after me) ONLY after you've understood everything in the audio.

Learn with the American English Podcast

About Your Teacher

My name is Shana and I’m an ESL teacher from California. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to share my love of English in Brazil, Spain, Germany, and throughout the US. Having taught over 3,000 online and in-person lessons, I’ve become obsessed with how to make the intermediate student's learning experience effective and memorable.

Apart from teaching, I like to bake, hike and I’m an avid language learner. I love listening to German and French podcasts and chatting with my husband Lucas and our two daughters in Portuguese!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course contain bonus content for all episodes? NO. This is only to access the transcripts and Mp3s. If you want to get ALL bonus material for Season 1, 2 or 3, you need to purchase the Seasons or ALL Premium Content.

How long do I have access to the content?
You will have lifetime access to the content.

What if I decide the content isn't for me?
We'll be happy to issue you a refund within the first 30 days after your purchase date if you're unhappy for any reason.

What if I decide to buy All Premium Content after buying JUST the transcripts?
You'll receive a discount! Just write to me at the email below.

What if I need help?
If you need help with something related to this content, please contact [email protected].