About the Book

Slang isn’t just for teenagers, at least not these words. I asked adults and teens what they thought about these words and I'm happy to say that we all agreed that these 101 words are used frequently.

With that said, think of this as your modern American English vocabulary guide! These words are here to stay, so if you’re trying to connect with people in the States, understand T.V. shows or just expand your vocabulary, start here!

Why should I learn slang?

Slang, at its core, is just vocabulary. Like any vocabulary, learning it ensures that you won't be left behind in a conversation. Knowing it well means you won't need to ask someone to rephrase themselves due to your lack of understanding.

Whether you use them is up to you, although I'd encourage it. You won't sound ridiculous. Playful at times, sure, but not ridiculous.

Note: Slang never has an "s". The word "slangs" doesn't exist because the term is uncountable. However, you can say I learned "101 slang words in this book!"


That's right - you'll get the Mp3 alongside the book. 45 minutes of very common vocabulary and phrases are yours for free. I recommend listening more than once! :)


The downloadable PDF booklet has more than just the slang words. Definitions are short and simple and example sentences help put each one into a common context for better understanding.


Press play and you'll likely hear some of these terms being used in my podcast episodes - especially in the Chat with Shana episodes and with Special Guests. ALL of the terms listed are common.

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Meet Your Teacher

My name is Shana and I’m an ESL teacher from California. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate to share my love of English in Brazil, Spain, Germany, and throughout the US. Having taught over 3,000 online and in-person lessons, I’ve become obsessed with how to make the intermediate student's learning experience effective and memorable.

Apart from teaching, I like to bake, hike and I’m an avid language learner. I love listening to German and French podcasts and chatting with my husband Lucas and our two daughters in Portuguese!